In diversity circles, privilege is often a lightening-rod word that gets people defensive and excited. But simply put, privilege is defined as a right, immunity, or benefit enjoyed by a particular person or a restricted group of people beyond the advantages of most.

Privilege is simply a reality of life, and every single person enjoys certain privileges and lacks other privileges based upon the complexities of their own individual diversity attributes.

Privilege does not need to be a “dirty word” or a discussion around shaming and blaming others. But instead, it is better to understand privilege in a such a way that we can address it and leverage it for positive good in our world and in our organizations.

The Privilege Institute will provide two offerings:

  • A 6-hour certificate class geared toward all people who want to understand and address personal and organizational privilege.
  • A 2 & ½ day certification for those who will be leading program to address the impacts of privilege in all aspects of organizational life as well as being prepare to train on privilege within their organizations.