Six Hour Certificate

In this highly interactive and experiential workshop, participants will:

  • Examine their own diversity attributes and how they relate to privilege
  • Understand how privilege can impact organizational dynamics including personal and organizational unconscious bias
  • Dig into systemic issues brought on by a misunderstanding and misappropriation of privilege
  • Explore how to have positive impactful discussion about privilege in their organizations
  • Learn how privilege can be leveraged for good through programs like mentoring and allyship

Who Should Attend?

  • DEI leaders and practitioners who need to lead privilege discussions in their organizations
  • Organizational leaders and executives who want to better understand how privilege impacts their leadership and their organizations
  • Any professional who wants to gain a better understanding of privilege and how to address it in their work places

Training Outline

  • Introduction to the concepts of and inter-relationship between diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and privilege
  • Understanding intersectionality and exploring our own privileges and disadvantaged through interactive exercises
  • How privilege impacts our leadership lens and styles
    • Relationship to emotional intelligence and cultural competence
  • Relationship between privilege and unconscious bias
    • Personal unconscious bias
    • Impacts on organizational processes (recruiting, talent development, team work, interactions with clients/customers)
  • The long term systemic derivatives of privilege
    • Systemic and institutional racism
    • Sexism and gender equality
    • Ethnocentrism
    • Understanding gender identity and sexual orientation
  • Leveraging privilege for good
    • The power of allyship
    • Being a mentor
  • Building your own personal action plan - what will yo do from here