Two & ½ Days Certification

This certification is geared toward workplace leaders who need to fully understand the impact that privilege has on a variety of organizational processes and how to address it. In addition, the certification program will prepare you to teach others and provide training on privilege within your organization. One goal of the certification program is to be a “train the trainers” type of training to empower graduates prepare to facilitate workshops and develop organizational programs around recognizing and addressing privilege.

This certification will include a practical project and exam.

  • Introduction to the concepts of and inter-relationship between diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and privilege
  • Understanding intersectionality and exploring our own privileges and disadvantages through interactive exercises
  • How privilege impacts our leadership lens and styles
    • Relationship to emotional intelligence and cultural competence
  • Relationship between privilege and unconscious bias
    • Personal unconscious bias
    • Deep dive into impacts on organizational processes (recruiting, talent development, team work, interactions with clients/customers)
  • The long terms systemic derivatives of privilege
    • Deep dive into white privilege and relationship to systemic and institutional racism
    • Deep dive into male privilege and relationship to sexism and gender equity
    • Deep dive into privilege around nativism and relationship to ethnocentrism
    • Deep dive into hetero-privilege and understanding gender identity and sexual orientation
    • Two aspects of age privilege – benefits and disadvantages of the young and the old
    • Other aspects that may be touched on: ableism, educational, economic, etc.
  • Leveraging privilege for good
    • The power of allyship
    • Being a mentor
  • Building action plans and programs to address the impact of privilege on all aspects of organizational life
  • How to facilitate workshops and courageous discussions around privilege. (This section will include opportunities for participants to “teach back” to the class a segment of the training for analysis and feedback)
    • Having tough conversations in a productive way
    • Dealing with the detractors from those who simply don't understand to the outwardly hostile
  • Project: building your own organizational and personal action plan - what will you do from here