Founder’s Welcome


I would like to welcome you to the Privilege Institute.

Over the past decade, there continues to be an increased focus on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging across all types of organizations from large to small … for-profit, non-profit, governmental and education bodies. And one topic that is often the most difficult to address is understanding and addressing privilege.

The Privilege Institute will provide a safe space without getting into “shaming and blaming.” Instead of thinking about privilege as a divisive topic that pits people against each other, we need to have honest and deep productive discussions so we can channel privilege into organizational progress.

We offer both a 6-hour Certificate as well as a 1.5 day Certification. Please do explore the content of these two offerings and either register for our initial classes or contact me with your interest in bringing this offering to your organization. Write me at [email protected]


Dennis Kennedy
Founder & Chairman
Diversity & Leadership
[email protected]